Hollywood Beach Renourishment

Beach Renourishment Project Update Jan 2024

Exciting developments are taking place as the Army Corps beach renourishment project progresses, currently focusing on the south Hollywood Beach area. The initiative involves the meticulous placement of beach sand, a vital step in enhancing the coastal landscape and ensuring its longevity.

As the project unfolds, the upcoming weeks will witness the continuation of sand placement, extending up through Magnolia Terrace. The subsequent phase will see the endeavor shifting its focus to North Hollywood Beach, specifically spanning from New Hampshire St. through to the City of Hollywood border. This strategic progression aims to comprehensively address the beachfront’s revitalization, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing result.

The estimated completion date for this ambitious project is set for the beginning of April 2024. This projected timeline underscores the dedication and efficiency with which the Army Corps is approaching this vital undertaking, promising a timely and successful outcome.

For those seeking further insights or having additional questions regarding the renourishment project, we encourage you to stay informed and engaged. Your curiosity and involvement play a crucial role in fostering community awareness and support for this transformative initiative that contributes to the overall well-being of our beloved coastal environment. Feel free to reach out for more information or clarification, as we embark on this journey toward a more resilient and vibrant shoreline.


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