Cafe Zone Hollywood Beach

Cafe Zone Still In Effect for Hollywood Beach

Only pedestrians and runners allowed in the restaurant area (Cafe Zone) on Hollywood Beach. Bicycles and rollerblades must detour off the Hollywood Broadwalk until further notice.

Back in the early spring of 2020, when COVID-19 encroached on all of our lives, the entire world went into shutdown. Hollywood Beach was no exception. The entire beach and broadwalk was off limits to the public. While some restaurants and shops remained open there was very little foot traffic because you were not allowed to go on the sand (only walk on the pavers of the broadwalk).

As restrictions began to ease, the beach opened back up. The health lifestyle crowd returned for their beach exercise along with tourists. However, to keep social distancing in the beach side restaurants, the city of Hollywood has allowed the eateries to put their tables and chairs out half way onto the broadwalk. This area is usually reserved for pedestrians. With this happening the broadwalk became crowded and the pedestrians were overflowing in the bike path.

Over the summer it was decided to limit bikes and rollerblades in the ‘cafe zone’. This is an area on the Hollywood Broadwalk from Garfield Street, on the North end, all the way south to Hollywood Boulevard on the South End.

You can get around this area on your bike by traveling just west onto Surf Road. While not as scenic as the beachfront. It will still let you bike all the up and down the beach. Once you are North of Garfield Street (where the parking garage, charnow park and paddle ball courts are), you can ride normal and stay in the bike path

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