Hollywood Beach Mobi-mat

Florida’s Hollywood Beach is Wheel Chair Accessible

We all know the beauty and convenience of Hollywood Beach and the Beautiful Broadwalk. With its easy pedestrian, bike, roller blade and wheel chair access. But did you know that aside from all of the fun restaurants, shopping, bars and entertainment that are available directly on the boardwalk, you can also enjoy sandy fun on the beach even if you are handicapped or may have difficulty navigating on the sand.

Hollywood beach has 8 locations where they have installed Mobi-Mat Beach Access Points. These access points alow for a small strip of solid foundation out into the middle of sand. Perfect for navigating a wheelchair or any other assisted mobility device out to the middle of the sandy beach, without ever having to actually touch the sand or move across it. Most of the locations offer handicapped accessible parking nearby or some of them actually very close to a high volume parking garage (although these will fill quickly on the weekends)

The Hollywood Locations are (From North to South):

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